Integrated artwork for new children's daycare center "De Hartediefjes" in Wellen Belgium, executed in a former municipal boys school (1923).

Inspired by the former function of the building, the work (the lines) literally connects the old and the new building. The colorfull lines give a clear identity to the new destination: a children's daycare center for 3 different age groups. Each group has its own identity translated to color. It's a point of recognition for the children, parents and staff.

3 KRIJT-LIJN(en) (blackboard chalk lines) lure us from outside the building through the façade, through the building and releases again on the back of the building into the garden.

The pure and clear language of the lines creates a timeless work that is understandable for several generations. The result is playful, dynamic, colorful and gives a spacious effect. The concept of colored lines was beautifully expressed in a poem by Inge Van Gheel:

"a nursery
a phase of your life
part of your upbringing
you come in, grow
ready to proceed towards a following step
3 successive groups,
3 colors,
3 identities
the children literally enter,
the lines too
a few years later they leave again,
the lines too
the future is open,
the lines go up"

with thanks to Architects in Motion, OCMW Wellen and VIPA.

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